Stick to your diet - wherever you go.

filtr enables you to filter restaurant menus based on your dietary restrictions or preferences.


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Food allergens




Set up your personal dietary profile.

Your dietary profile acts as customized filter, which is applied to our restaurant menu database. You will only be displayed meals that are safe for you to eat based on the information you entered:

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Find restaurants that offer meals for your diet - and see what those are.

Through our explore feature, you can find restaurants around you that have meals suitable to your diet. You can see how many meal options they have for you, and what those options are. Lastly, you can save meals to an order list so you know what to order when you get there, or favor meals for later.

The filtr value proposition

Making healthy choices easy choices

Our mission is to improve dining experiences for people who follow a special diet, have a food allergy or intolerance. 

Save time

No need to spend hours researching where to eat or what to eat. Make quicker, and better decisions with filtr.

Feel good

Is a "healthy diet" one of your new year's resolutions? filtr makes finding healthy food as easy as never before.

Stop compromising

Does your diet typically suffer when going out with a group of friends? Quickly pre-check any restaurant to see if they have options for you.

Reduce discomfort

Have a food allergy or intolerance? filtr enables you to filter for it, and find meals that don't cause you physical discomfort.

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